The fantasy visions of Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang

On MOCATV debuted the video "Mutual Core (These New Puritans remix)", taken from "Bastards" by Björk, remix album released November 20, 2012 by One Little Indian.

A music video in the balance between primordial fantasy and alchemical science-fiction.

Creation, evolution and union of elements, this is the video for “Mutual Core”, processing and fusion form the basis of an artistic moment that bewitches and drag in the dream, just as it would a mermaid. Melodies of voice and melodies of color, but also the harmony of the dark surrounds those who watch and listen this work which goes beyond the music video to become a true moment of art.

Creation, evolution and union of elements, they are not just what images tell, but are what they are: artists’ creation, evolution of music and images to an unison meeting, fusion of arts and of all its components: shadows, lights and colors, objects, persons and ardent soul of artistic message

So, here is the mermaid-goddess Björk that mixes the waters of a universe of sand and dark, and creates dancing  life, life that swims, lights up and turns up to explode in the fire of fusion: water, earth, fire and air born, are intertwined and merge, elements make love to create something that is matter and soul together. It is birth. It’s creation.

Sand - as earth – and water – not seen but it’s perceived -  are the first two elements were our mermaid-goddess is immersed, is merged in like she were part of theme;  earth is also on her golden dress and decorated with semi-precious stones. Fire born from dance of these two elements: mermaid-gooddess holds in her hands two seashells that seem rocks or two rocks that splay like seashells, the interpretation is open as these are just a symbol of subsequent evolution-union.

Huang’s vision, often psychedelic, but always fantastic and science fiction, brings us from body to infinity or, in this case, from infinity to body, from water to fire, fire to earth, earth to air: from the Universe to the Matter and vice versa, in a pyroclastic alchemical union.


Photo Credits:

image from music-video "Mutual Core" by Bjork