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copertina del romanzo La Luna di Chrysos di Debora Montanari, edizioni Della Vigna



"The Moon of Chrysos" returns in a paperback version.

A Limited Edition for publisher Edizioni Della Vigna

Pay attention please, the novel is only in Italian language.


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Pay attention please, the novel is only in Italian language.


l'immagine rappresenta la protagonista di La Luna di Chrysos, Lara, sperduta in un'altra dimensione

Lara's adventure was only at the beginning and this new episode begins where the first one ended.
New nightmares haunt Lara and new doubts about the disturbing Reiph.
Now she will have to face adventurous trials, in a dimension where a dark monster plots to erase light.

For all the protagonists it will be a real descent into the Underworld, between lands of ice and lost islands, looking for a way back to Chrysos.