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  Title   Publisher   First edition  
  The Dragons of Chrysos (new edition)   Edizioni Della Vigna   2018  
  The Dragons of Chrysos (eBook)
  Edizioni Della Vigna   2011  
  The Moon of Chrysos   Elara   2009  
  The Dragons of Chrysos   Perseo libri   2007  


  Title   Appears in   Publisher   Year  
  From the ashes of dark   i sogni di Cartesio
  Edizioni Della Vigna
  Vertically, Along the Curve   il mistero dell'ottavo piano   Elara   2009  
  What is a Harley-Davidson?   futuro europa n°50   Elara   2008  
  Alien Zoo   futuro europa n°49   Elara   2008  
  Snowglobes   futuro europa n°47   Perseo libri   2006  
  Promised Land   futuro europa n°45   Perseo libri   2006          


 Title  Appears in Number 
Publisher  Year  
Vertically, Along the Curve il mistero dell'ottavo piano   600 Elara 2009  
What is a Harley-Davidson? futuro europa n°50    500 Elara 2008  


Title   Genre   On stage
 Stage production Year  
It is not a moon!   science-fiction
  December 2013 Calix-Centro21 2013  



“When the aliens came to Italy they did not land, they were teleported: the new Italian Science Fiction” (you can read it here)

An answer by writer Debora Montanari to the article: “Flying Saucers Would Never Land in Lucca: The Fiction of Italian Science Fiction” by professor Arielle Saiber, Bowdoin College - Brunswick, Maine (USA)

The are four main categories and they are defined by length in words, as decided by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - Nebula Awards:

  • novel: a work of 40,000 words or more
  • novella or short novel: a work of at least 17,500 words but under 40,000 words
  • novelette: a work of at least 7,500 words but under 17,500 words
  • short story: a work of under 7,500 words